Hi, I’m Iris.

A designer and creative from Maastricht (The Netherlands). Because of my Masters in graphic and digital design and a very divers freelance carrier, which I started in 2016, I’ve been combining digital with manual artistic methods throughout every project; online and offline. From working on community building projects, to workshops, to creating logos and corporate identity, to making murals and window paintings, to lettering, to shooting analog and video’s and curating creative projects.

Looking for creative input and/or output for your business or idea? Feel free to message me with the contact form on the contact page or by sending an email to inlvanderheijden@gmail.com

Clients I’ve worked for:
Red Bull | Mosa Maastricht | Stad Hasselt | C-Mine Genk | The Notorious IBE | POW!WOW! Rotterdam | BALLINNN’ | De Domijnen Sittard | Provincie Limburg (BE) | Designhotel The Dutch | Anti.Anti Genk | Nieuwe Nor |Zoo Magazine | Saus | De Positieve Stad | Stad Genk | FeverFilm | The Artist and the Others | Kunstpodium T | Collin van der Sluijs